19th century vampire hunting kit

This 19th century vampire hunting kit could be yours for approx 4000 USD.

The peculiar box contains a number of tools believed to be effective in warding off evil, including empty potion bottles, shark tooth vial, A bible and a gun.

A British auction house has put up for sale an unusual monument: A nineteenth-century vampire killing kit.

You can never be over-prepared, and it goes twice, when it comes to surviving the vampire apocalypse .

According to the BBC , members of the public interested in becoming vampire slayers will soon be able to purchase the 19th century "vampire killing kit" at Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire, England.

One look at this vampire killing toolkit and you immediately know, that it comes from a bygone era. The set is placed in a gothic wooden box with pink silk lining and includes an array of kill-ready items, especially empty potion bottles, three crucifixes, rosary, two pairs of pliers, shark tooth vial, Bible and gun.

But the origins of the vampire killing kit are somewhat unclear, according to its current owner, which puts the antique up for auction after three years.

"I bought it at a large antiques market in Newark-on-Trent." – the owner admitted, who wanted to remain anonymous. "I have had it in my collection for three years ... I don't know much about its history".

The vampire killing set is lined with pink silk and contains eight compartments.

Perhaps you may be wondering, why this person decided to buy a particular item. Were they looking for moonlight during the graveyard shift?

“I loved the look of the gothic box, and when I opened them, I just had to have them " – explained the owner. "I thought, it's so interesting – great piece to talk about ".

Even if you don't believe in the idea of ​​killing bloodthirsty creatures, the craftsmanship of the wooden box is sure to catch the eye. Inside the lid of the box is an enamel painting of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and an ivory sculpture of a wolf in a robe with a hood and holding a rosary.

Due to the mysterious background, it is difficult to accurately determine, how old is this vampire killing kit, but there are some pointers. The Bible in an eight-chamber box is an edition of the New Testament from 1842 Year. It even has an inscription from the previous owner, someone named Isabella Swarbrick, who might or might not kill vampires in her spare time.

Other similar Killer Kits have been discovered in recent years, but largely turned out to be fakes. Many of them were assembled in later decades using Victorian-era items for the appearance of authenticity.

Despite the dubious origin of many vampire killing kits, it remains true, that vampire stories were once taken as fact.

"The task of killing a vampire was extremely serious" – powiedział licytator Charles Hanson o trendach wampirów z początku wieku. „Przedmioty o znaczeniu religijnym, such as crucifixes and Bibles, they were supposed to scare these monsters away, hence their strong presence in the set we found ".

Such urban legends were often fueled by tales of incredibly cruel characters, such as Vlad IV the Impaler który uważany jest za inspirację legendy o Draculi, oraz niezrozumienie przez społeczeństwo pewnych chorób, which, as supposed, caused by supernatural forces.

Hanson also noted the influence of pop culture on the public's historical fascination with vampires, being a consistent television and media presence for over a century, od klasycznego Dracula Brama Stokera z 1897 roku po nowoczesne programy telewizyjne, takie jak komedia FX What We Do in the Shadows .

Offers for a vampire killing kit – object of "supernatural interest", as described on the auction house website – will be accepted starting from 21 July 2020 R. It is expected, that the set of antiques alone will cost over 3000 British pounds or nearly 4000 USD .

Well, no one said, that killing vampires is cheap.