Alencon, lace with (Allensonian)

Alencon, lace with (Allensonian), patterned after Venetian needle lace, whose production developed in Alenaon (Normandy) In 2. half. XVII w. On the initiative of J.. B. Colberta, which was brought by. champions, a lace manufacturing workshop was established here (1665—75). W XVIII w. Alencon was one of the most important lace making centers in France, and these traditions have survived to this day (there is a lace making school here). Beginning. made the so-called. koronki franc, (point of France), very similar to incl., with a convex plant pattern on a six-sided mesh background. They were mainly performed. made of very delicate white linen threads. Later, the type called. point d’Alencon, characterized by a finer mesh, symmetrical composition and richness of ornamental motifs (flowers, baskets, lambrekiny, royal attributes, groteski J. Beraina). Similar needle lace (related. also Allensonian) made in Argentan, Sedanie, Aurillac, Reims i Arras.