Stuu – Stuart Burton

first name and last name: Stuart Burton
Date of birth: 07.01.1992
town: Katowice

Stuart Stuu Burton (Born. 1992) - considered one of the most popular YouTubers in Poland. Its main channel, Stuu, in November 2018 had 3,3 million subscribers. It comes from Great Britain, however, he lives in Katowice. He is also known as the Polish Penguin.


He started recording in English, however, he stopped due to illness. Two years later he returned, this time creating in Polish. Initially, his recordings were about games. His main account is called Stuu. It has two other channels: Stuu PLUS (820 thousand. subscription in November 2018) and One Hundred Games (250 thousand. subscription in November 2018) In 2016 of the year its main channel was ranked fifth on the profiles with the largest number of subscribers in Poland.
In 2017 he voiced the Polish dubbing of the film Emotka, playing the role of Fried Shrimp. A year earlier, he also dubbed Sing.

Private life:
In 2016 He admitted, that she had been taking antidepressants for five years.

Youtuber Stuu talked about his depression and anxiety, with which he had to face in his youth. Only his mother helped him in his problems, because the rest of the friends turned their backs on him. The boy has to continue pharmacological treatment all the time, which results in memory loss.

They say, that the first million has to be stolen, and in the case of Stuu, one can partially agree with it, because it was Stuu who, as the first gamer in Poland, stole the first million hearts on YouTube with his channel Stuu Games. Huge popularity and demand for films coming out of his hands made, that today it can be seen in four places: Stuu Games, Stuu, Stuu PLUS and Stuu Charity. Polish Penguin, because that was what Stuart Burton used to call himself, it's British, who initially tried his hand at British YouTube, but at the persuasion of his girlfriend Klaudia (known to the public as xmissklaudiax) decided to move his canal to a Polish backyard. Despite this, that he is not a native speaker of the Polish language, he handles it very well, and its hallmark is a distinctive accent. He currently lives in Katowice. He has always been passionate about computer games, and on the Polish YouTube scene he became famous thanks to his Minecraft series. He made himself known in his vlogs, and also amuses fans in various pranks and challenges. The momentum with which he creates Stuu contributed to the creation of a group of several tens of thousands of Stuart fans called Team Stuu. Gamer was also a co-organizer of such events, like for example. MeetUp and besides, that he gives his best in computer games, it also gives to the needy. Organizes various charity events or donates total income from the channel Stuu Charity to charity.