Powerful – description of the movie character – Polish-Russian War

Powerful – description of the movie character – Polish-Russian War.

"The Polish-Ruthenian War Under the White and Red Flag" is a film full of unconventional and clearly outlined characters. The heroes are specific carriers of certain human personality traits, which have been exaggerated for the purposes of the film, slightly exaggerated. Thanks to this, the film acquires a specific artistic style, and additionally, it is a kind of commentary on the reality that surrounds us.

The main character, which is a real deus ex machina in "Polish-Russian War", is Andrzej Robakowski, known on the estate as Strong. The nickname of our hero does not come out of nowhere. He is known around the area as being a confident muscle man, the viewer may be impressed, that he is the potential "king of the estate". Outward appearance already in some way determines its status: quite a handsome young man with substantial biceps, completely shaved bald, he even lost his eyebrows and eyelashes and, of course, his characteristic tracksuit as a must-have outfit for every day. Strong in the film spends most of his time with women, he often has unambiguous plans for some of them. Usually though, for various reasons beyond his control, his attempts at closer contact fail. He doesn't mince words, Tongue, which he uses is full of indefinite terms. It's actually hard to tell, what he does every day, because it is not working, nor does he go to school. It has approx 26 Years. Rather, he spends his time indulging in pleasures, willingly using drugs, and sometimes getting into fights. Strong in his views, he rather represents an anti-globalist approach: he hates the West and the progressive Americanization. He is also skeptical about our eastern neighbours, whom Strong calls Ruskies, blaming them for all kinds of changes for the worse.

This is one side of Strong's personality. However, you can't stop at describing him only as a brainless tracksuit. Strong often tries to solve all sorts of existential problems, he is wondering about his place in life, although his mode of thought shows a certain infantility. He understands perfectly well with Angela, whom he met one night on the bridge, which finds its confidant in him. The strong can also be called a romantic. Unhappily in love with Magda, who rejects him in an attempt to win the favor of a richer lover, left. He is morbidly jealous of her, but that's the girl he wants to be with, maybe even longer.

Looking at Strong, as a fictional character, absolutely must be admitted, that the character is constructed extremely consistently. In addition, it is on the example of his reaction that we read the world shown in the film. Dorota Masłowska, appearing episodicly in the role of a policewoman, makes Silny aware, that… he's just a movie character. At this point, the slightly grotesque character takes on tragic features. It turns out, that the world he lives in is just a movie set, and he himself - perhaps does not exist. This makes him feel completely insecure and lost. The reaction to this peculiar revelation is – literally – banging your head against the wall. After this incident, Strong goes to the hospital and dies. After his death, he ends up on a talk show, in which the entire audience expects sensational stories from Strong. A on, poor man, he sits in a suit in the spotlight and is lost again.

The figure of Strong can therefore be perceived on two levels: on the one hand, as a typical buff tracksuit, on the other hand, an inhabitant of block housing estates who is a bit lost in the world, who has little prospect of achieving anything in life. Borys Szyc played this role in the film and it should be admitted, that he did it very expressively and genuinely. The actor deserves special credit for this, that he did not flatten the figure, but he also extracted positive and interesting aspects from it. And he did it very skillfully, light and humorous.