Addiction to the cell

Addiction to the cell

Addiction to the cell phone – Phonoholism, disease of the 21st century.

You use your phone often not only to talk, or writing an SMS? You keep glancing at your phone every now and then? Maybe you are addicted to the phone? Check it now!

Usually people dependent on the phone mobile, they do not see any problem and are unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

In the era of electronic progress on the technological market, we have a huge selection of mobile phones, smart fonów, tablets and more.

Not every addict feels strong enough, to go to a psychologist with the problem, specialist to seek advice, whether it is actually dependent on the cell. Before you take the appropriate steps to treat the above-mentioned. addiction, it is worth first dispelling your doubts and checking, are we already dealing with addiction to the phone by taking our free online test, which will verify your concerns in just a few minutes.

Addiction to the phone – phonoholism.

Phonoholism, or phone addiction. The so-called. disease of the 21st century, which is caused by technological development, and it additionally intensifies the influence of the media and newer smartphones, phones, or tablets.

A cell addict can be a person of any age, regardless of gender.

Although apparently phonoholism it may seem not threatening, however, in people, who are unaware of the seriousness of the situation, it may be unpleasant, such as: lack of private life, lowering self-esteem due to losing yourself in the virtual world, distance from family and friends.

Symptoms of cell dependence.

The main ones symptoms of cell addiction is undoubtedly a constant follow-up of other people's private lives in every possible spare time, facebook tracking, Internet completely unnecessary, maintaining contacts with friends mainly by means of text messages, or other applications.

The current smart phones have a number of available applications, games, which are also time-consuming, and during meetings with friends, or family phone in person addicted to the cell must still be at hand, so, to in time ,,boredom ”to be able to take advantage of it.

More disturbing a symptom of cell dependence is waking up and falling asleep on a pillow with a mobile phone, where such people often use arguments of type as an explanation: ,, just for a moment", ,, I have to check something ", ,,I'll just write back ".

Am I addicted to the cell.

To, if and when you realize the seriousness of the problem that concerns you depends largely on you and on setting the right goals in life, which is really important to you in life.

You can find out about it in a very simple way, namely by taking a short knowledge quiz, which thanks to insightful questions will help you verify, whether you belong to a group of people addicted to cell phones and the Internet.