The filmmakers – Polish-Russian War

The filmmakers (director, screenwriter, cast) – Polish-Russian War.

"Polish-Ruthenian War Under the White and Red Flag" is a film adaptation of Dorota Masłowska's famous novel of the same title, issued in the year 2002. The film was very loudly commented on by film critics, as well as by the audience. The artistic quality of the film is evidenced by the fact that the filmmakers received many prestigious awards and nominations.

"Polish-Russian War" was directed by Xawery Żuławski. For the film, he was awarded, among others, at the Polish Film Festival and the International Film Festival "Era Nowe Horyzonty". He is also responsible for writing the script for the film, which was not an easy task mainly due to the rather complicated narrative and convention used in Dorota Masłowska's prose. He decided to faithfully reflect the book's concepts, translating literary language into film. Xawery Żuławski dedicated this film to his father, Andrew, who is also a famous director ("shaman", "On the Silver Globe").

The authors of the music for the film are Jan Komar, Filip Kuncewicz, Liroy, Mateusz Łapot and Jaroslaw Karczmarczyk. Sebastian Witkowski and Mateusz Adamczyk took care of the music. The cinematographer is Marian Prokop, the scenography was prepared by Joanna Kaczyńska, Anna Englert was responsible for the costumes. Special effects were supervised by Mirosław Bartosik. Borys Szyc played the main role in the film, who was preparing for it very intensively, both mentally and physically, as well as physically, consequently undergoing a fairly thorough metamorphosis. In order to play the role of the street trackman Strong, he spent a lot of time in the gym, was on a special diet, he shaved his head, and even had his eyebrows and eyelashes trimmed. Szyc's partner in the film was Roma Gąsiorowska, playing the character of Magda. In terms of the cast, the film impresses primarily with very interesting female creations. Sonia Bohosiewicz deserves special attention, who very convincingly and creatively created the character of hyperactive Natasza Blokus. Bohosiewicz was nominated for the Polish Film Award for her supporting role. Maria Strzelecka played the role of a melancholy goth (privately wife of Xawery Żuławski), and the nice volunteer Alicja was played by Anna Prus. In addition, we will see Ewa Kasprzyk on the glass screen (Strong's mother), Magdalena Czerwińska (Arleta, Magda's friend), Michał Czarnecki (Lewy), Bartholomew Firlet (Casper), Ireneusz Kozioł (Strong's father), Piotr Więcławski (Strong's brother), and Dorota Masłowska (teenager, who constructs the world depicted in the film in her head, and a policewoman).

The film was shot in Warsaw, as well as on the coast. The producer of "Polish-Russian War" is the film Media S.A. with co-financing by the Polish Film Institute. The person responsible for the production was Jacek Samojłowicz. ITI is the distributor.