Far from the stretcher – “Hunting with falcons

Far from the stretcher – “Hunting with falcons”.

Something Kidler has apparently started to move hard over the years. Although the craving for money is as always, but after that, Like him, Łubicz refused a raise for the twenty-second time this year, he got more melancholic. He began to rethink his life, envy the Shock, that he is the king of Fordansers. Finally, he decided to find a hobby.

He started with ventriloquism. He even did it pretty well, but Lubicz got angry with him. A to bez to, that he is deaf and must lip-read, to understand well, what is talking to him. That's why Kidler had to switch to something else. And he started imitating the voices of birds. I would never have thought in my life, that he can be so gifted. And when he started pretending to be a coaster pigeon, even Basia wanted to go out with him for a little father…

But a pennant ( although some say by the way, but I don't think so, because what is this propos??) pigeons and Basia, this is what disappointed me a lot. Well, she tried to convince me, that sparrows, they are not that little pigeons, just completely different birds. At first I was fooled. I called Wojtuś, to change the essay, what I wrote to him yesterday.

I also decided to share this news with Czesław. But as I told him, it just laughed at me and asked: “And you once met a little dove other than a sparrow?”. How did I get into it, I found it, że faktycznie nie spotkałam. No i wtedy stało się jasne, that Basia must have fooled me. No bo w to, that pigeons are born so big right away, I will not believe it in my life. As a mother to a child, I'm not that stupid!