Far from the stretcher – Dreamer

Far from the stretcher – “Dreamer”

How do you dream mushrooms or fish?, it will have to be sick. How teeth fall out, it's a misfortune. How the deceased will visit him, then the problems will end. But you won't guess, what awaits man, when some selebrite visits him in his sleep? No? You don't know. Then I will tell you. He is facing a high bill. God forbid, to dream in stereo and color, it is almost certain bankruptcy.

Just the day before yesterday, this one came to me. His hair was so shiny, serenadkę mi zaśpiewał, he had a chat. Has been since 00.36 do 1.17, and then he left and I only dreamed about uncle Władek, which has terrible rheumatism. As he begins to crack in the bones at night, the neighbors call the police, that they cannot sleep…

But I was too far off topic. And I was just about to buy a couch… Just don't think about it, that I'm flying away again. This is absolutely to the point. Because this sofa was supposed to cost eighteen hundred zlotys. And I borrowed those 1,800 from that Kidler crap. Percentage, of course, that after a week I would give him two thousand. But fortunately, this couch was not there and I could give him only 1,800 the next day.

Only, that I did not make it, because Śniacz came to me, means this selebrita. But this time awake. He said, that I owe him one thousand seven hundred eighty-five zlotys for sleep. I've already given him eighteen hundred, with tip. And that way I didn't have any money for Kidler anymore.

Fortunately, there is justice in this world, because Śniacz did not come downstairs to the hospital. He twisted his ankle. Kidler, as he found out, as far as this selebrita deleted me, he said it right away, that he would not touch his leg, if he doesn't pay for the operation right away, the eighteen hundred.

And that's how I returned Kidler's money. Chociaż ta kutwa twierdzi, that actually, I didn't give him anything back. And he refuses to acknowledge me, that I myself have this degree, what happened on him Śniacz, I broke it sometime, I hit him like one dead man.