Friz – Karol Wiśniewski


first name and last name: Karol Wiśniewski
Date of birth:
town: Cracow

Friz is a leading figure on Polish YouTube, which records movies about Pokemon Go. Despite this, that the biggest popularity of this game is over, his films are still very popular. There is nothing strange about this, because it, what Friz does is passionate and you can see, that Friz in Pokemons is playing on 100 percent, what his fans (called Pokemonawi Friza) they appreciate it very much. However, it should be remembered, that the origins of the Friz Channel were quite different. At the beginning, Friz posted various types of challenges on his channel, vlogs or reports from events such as Intel Extreme Masters. Today, however, Friz is already more identified with the Pokemon trainer, than with a vlogger. Although you have to admit, that Friz, in his pokemon passion, creates various formats, including news vlogs with the latest news from Niantic, live games from catching pokemons, evolve them or hatch eggs. Friz is very creative in hatching pokemon eggs using a drone or a snowmobile to hatch them.. The Friza Channel is very famous in the Pokemon world, As a result, Friz has the opportunity to interview the best Pokemon Go players. In these conversations, the invited players talk about their adventure with Pokemon Go, they boast about their Pokedex and show their medal awards. Friz runs his fanwear store with designer designs. In addition to YouTube, Friz is also active on his Facebook, as well as Instagram, as frizolusz, and Snapchat under the name xfrizoluszek.