"Ikea Generation" - Piotr C.. - review

"Ikea Generation" - Piotr C.. - review

I read a fun book today. "Ikea Tribe". A writer with a mysterious pseudonym Piotr C.. undertook to describe the generation of today's 35-year-olds. The book joined Douglas Coupland's "Generation X" and Brett Easton Ellis's "Less Than Zero", its American counterparts.

The book is fun, very timely and ... moderately written. It doesn't even have 200 pages, you read it in a few hours. It is not a good book, but every person working in a corporation, carrying bigos from mum in jars or finally working to pay off the loan, will feel, that someone is talking to her, in her own voice.

The Ikea generation - The voice of the generation?

Well ... Maybe not quite her voice. After all, the main character is a bit unusual. 35-year old, cynic, sexoholik, only thinking about how to fuck another chick (already has over a hundred), where to hunt and how to avoid boring tasks at work.

However, what is typical is discouragement from work, chatting with friends over a beer, obsessed with designer clothes and classy food (we will find out, that you need a regular grater for Parmesan cheese and a regular grater for gruayere).

Interestingly, this book came out of the underground. Little promotion, few reviews, and yet it sells (according to the author's assurances already 13 700 copies). Personally, I heard about her from two people from the group of the so-called. celebrating and partying Warsaw. No wonder, there is a lot about clubs and celebrities in the book, and considerations about whether it is better to fuck Doda or Kasia Cichopek, they are not among the most futile that can be found in it.

How anyone wants to know what's in the head, a guy of high social standing, the level of emotional development of a frozen amoeba… it's worth it. Sometimes stretched dialogues can discourage you, sometimes cheap games, sometimes borrowings from other books (e.g.. from Neil Strauss's Game). However, this novel has one big plus: it is really funny at times.

To relieve corporate-frustration just in time.

PS Only why, cholera, no “Ikea's generation”? It doesn't change or what?