Am I a workaholic? – Test

Am I a workaholic? – Test

The test explores, to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements. Choose a term, which best suits your degree of identification with each of the statements.

1 – never, 2 – sometimes, 3 – often, 4 – always

1. I prefer to do a lot of things myself, than asking others for help.

2. I get impatient, when I have to wait for someone or when something takes too long.

3. I have a feeling, I'm in a race against time.

4. Gets upset, when someone interrupts my activity.

5. I'm always busy and I'm taking on too much.

6. I always do several things at once, e.g: jem, I am writing and talking on the phone.

7. I walk very fast.

8. I feel guilty, when i'm not working.

9. I care, to see the result of my work.

10. I care more about the result of my work than about the method, how I will do it.

11. I am never satisfied with the pace of the work.

12. I'm in a bad mood, when things don't go my way or when the job doesn't suit me.

13. I repeat the same question, forgetting, that I already know the answer.

14. I spend most of my time thinking and planning for future activities. I do this while I am engaged in my current work.

15. I'm still working, when my colleagues are done.

16. I'm angry, when someone does not appreciate my professionalism.

17. I'm upset, when the situation gets out of hand.

18. I set myself a high pace and set deadlines.

19. It's hard for me to relax, when i'm not working.

20. I spend more time working than meeting friends or hobbies or pleasure.

21. I delve into projects and start implementing them, before all their phases are defined.

22. I get angry with myself, when I even make a little mistake.

23. I spend more time, energy and commitment to my work than to friendships and relationships.

24. I forget, I ignore or downplay important occasions, such as: birthday, name day, meetings, anniversaries and holidays.

25. I make important decisions, before I can collect the data and think about it.

Add up your points.

Am I a workaholic? – Results

Interpretation of the results:

25-49: you are not addicted to work.

50-69: there is a certain probability, that you have a problem with work addiction, but there is still hope for positive changes.

70-100: work addiction is your real problem. In such a situation, in the light of recent research, your children may have emotional difficulties later in life.