Blowek – Karol Gązwa

first name and last name: Karol Gązwa
Date of birth: 17.12.1996
town: Warsaw

He started posting his content on a channel called Minecraft Blow w 2012. Initially, they were related to the Minecraft game. After some time, the channel changed its name to Blowek. In 2014 ran the fourth largest canal in Poland. He was the second YouTuber in this country, which managed to gain a million subscribers. When it happened, had 18 Years. Thanks to him, Cezary Pazura started recording on YouTube.
In 2018 He appeared on the TV show Report Renovation.

He started in 2012 Year, while still in junior high school. Like most of the most popular gamers in Poland, he recorded movies related to Minecraft. At first he was afraid of the opinions of his friends - completely unnecessarily. He was the second YouTuber in Poland, which managed to reach a dizzying million subscribers. As he himself says, he has a great distance to criticism and perhaps this was the key to his success. I am talking about Karol Gązwa, known as Blowek. Today, the Blowka channel is largely technological innovations. In one of the most popular series on his channel, he talks about the best, the strangest and most recommendable smartphone apps. In addition, you can meet Karol's mother, who appears at his guest house and conquers the hearts of viewers with her charm. But this is not the only star at Blowk's. You can also meet Cezary Pazura at his place, with which he laughs viewers to tears, even in interesting challenges. Charles Channel is also: Q&A, screwing YouTubers, trolling viewers or even a hit remake of the song "Call me maybe". Blowek is not limited to YouTube only - you can meet him in his proprietary BlowStar program on Popular people in his program, celebrities of Polish show business play with him on the console, but apart from that, they take up various challenges. Meetings with the stars are the perfect time to talk about their work, interests or private life. In the category of contact with viewers, Blowek is the undisputed medalist. He proved many times, that the fans are most important to him. He knows perfectly well who has been his audience for a short time, and who has always been watching it. One thing is certain - it's worth getting to know Blowk, so that he can get to know us.