Lord Kruszwil – Marek Kruszel

Lord Kruszwil

first name and last name: Marek Kruszel
Date of birth: 23 brand 2001
town: Szczecin

Lord Kruszwil (formerly just Kruszwil, come in. Marek Kruszel) - one of the most popular Polish YouTubers. Initially, he was a more widely unknown kid, however, thanks to madkom (who were outraged by the film, where he sets fire to the freshmen) Marek has become a popular YouTuber. He's playing a banana kid on YouTube, to whom everyone wants to give gum stick. He's actually a smartass, who found a way to earn a lot of money on twelve-year-olds, who, despite problems with the multiplication table, can count efficiently, how much they lack pocket money for a T-shirt from Lord's store.

Lord Kruszwil represents a new generation of Szczecin young wolves, because he enjoys life and spends money on everything. Among 15-year-olds, Marek enjoys the esteem enjoyed by Jarosław Jakimowicz among girls, which in 1995 they finished primary school. However, as long as 20 years ago, young wolf fans limited themselves to posters with Cichy, this is how fans of today's young wolf try to look like their idol. To this end, they look for counterfeit clothes from Calvin Klein at the markets and wear them. It is worth mentioning, that according to rumors, Lord Kruszwil made a lot of money thanks to premium SMS scams.

Marek has many features, that can be attributed to people suffering from Asperger's syndrome. So are the victims of this disorder, Marek is unable to establish good relations with another person (it is best seen in the conversations between him and the Cameraman), suffers from speech and language disorders (his speech is stiff and monotonous), has a distinctive voice (a hybrid of a fifteen-year-old girl, who is about to lose her virginity and Macaulay Culkin in Richie a Millionaire), has a specialized interest, which he spends a lot of time on (wealth here), behaves routinely (e.g.. he only drinks' glacier's water 300 PLN. " or he only eats Fat Benek pizza), he is clumsy with movement and played Minecraft. Perhaps haters, who wish Marek the worst, they are actually mocking you, who has had a serious mental disorder.