Many Demons - Jerzy Pilch - review

Many Demons - Jerzy Pilch - review

Nowa powieść Pilcha zalatuje Hrabalem, Marquezem, Rulfo braćmi Grimm i solidnymi dawkami naszego domorodzonego Mariana Pilota. Pilch must have had a little inspiration in particular with the latter's "Plume". And good! Because it is a great return to form and one of the best Polish novels I have read recently.

Mr. Jerzy enjoyed some years of relaxation from novels. He ventilated the old rooms with newspaper-writing, he sharpened the pen again and… she came out extraordinary, magic novel. Sigła, a town painfully resembling the Vistula River in pilch, it leads us into an enchanted world, we feel as if we have landed in Macondo's "partner city".

Many Demons - A magical cast

We meet forever young mothers here, prophets able to keep virgins from suicide and shrink coffins, murderous fathers, shooters (inaccurate) to their families every Sunday, haunted painters, furious sons, liberated sisters, vengeful widows, communists, anti-communists, UB agents ... A wonderful mad parade, closed on 479 pages of this… Lutheran horror crime story.

Lots of Demons - Serious Business

Besides colorful, even a fairy-tale cast, Pilch's novel also pushes us to reflect on the essence of the human relationship to God, relations between religions, family relations and the functioning of a small town. It is one of the few books, which make, that we feel wiser, with each chapter read. And also ... calmer. Neither of the heroes has a problem with thinking about death, diseases, zbrodniach – to co w naszym ‘pop-telewizyjnymświecie jest ukryte, anxiously pushed around the corners, here she is tame, ordinary and human. Similarly hard winter, UB ... everything seems to be part of the natural order of things ...

Many Demons - The First Book

You could say, that this is Pilch's first novel. All his previous books, they are rather collections of memories, anecdotes, considerations ... Here we have a certain outlined action, heroes, who stay with us from beginning to end - instead of appearing in a short story and disappearing, as in his other books.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to read it. The ideana book is suitable for long winter evenings, but in the summer it will also make frying on the beach more pleasant, lounging on the deck of a sailboat or long train journeys towards water and sand.