One could argue for a long time about moralnych aspektach piractwa, but this is not the subject of my today's post. Today I would like to present you a list of the most popular pirated series and movies of last year.

As always, TorrentFreak sums up the year by publishing a list of the most frequently pirated movies and TV series in the last twelve months.

Na pierwszym miejscu utrzymała się Game of Thrones, adaptation of the books by George R.. R. Martina is produced by HBO, a finałowy odcinek amerykańskiej produkcji został pobrany 5,9 miliona razy! This is an increase of over 1,5 million downloads compared to 2012 Year. Tuż za plecami Gry o Tron znajdziemy ostatni sezon Breaking Bad (promotion with 5 position), oraz równie popularny w Polsce – The Walking Dead (promotion with 6 position). Top ten with a result 2,2 mln pobrań zamyka Arrow, which is becoming more and more popular in the world. Full list below.

1."Game of Thrones" - 5,9 mln
2.”Breaking Bad” – 4,2 mln
3.”The Walking Dead” – 3,6 mln
4."The Big Bang Theory" - 3,4 mln
5.”Dexter” – 3,1 mln
6."How I met your mother" - 3,0 mln
7."In suits" - 2,6 mln
8.”Homeland” – 2,4 mln
9."Vikings" - 2,3 mln
10.”Arrow” – 2,2 mln

W świecie movie jest kilka niespodzianek, ale na pierwszym miejscu bryluje oczywiście Hobbit An amazing journey with the result 8,4 million downloads! Despite such a large number of pirated copies, The Hobbit broke popularity records in cinemas, to ultimately earn over a billion dollars. The second part of Bilbo's adventures can certainly count on similar results, which broke the Polish all-time record already on the opening weekend, bringing profits in the amount 13 million zlotys. Not much less than "The Hobbit", ściągany był Django oraz szósta część Fast and furious. Complete list below.

1. Hobbit: Unusual journey - 8,4 million downloads
2. Django – 8,1 million downloads
3. The Fast and the Furious 6 – 7,9 million downloads
4. Iron Man 3 – 7,6 million downloads
5. Poradnik pozytywnego myślenia – 7,5 million downloads
6. Into the dark. Star Trek – 7,4 million downloads
7. Gangster Squad. Pogromcy mafii – 7,2 million downloads
8. Iluzja – 7 million downloads
9. Kac Vegas 3 – 6,9 million downloads
10. World War Z – 6,7 million downloads