That's how they loved their dog, that they cloned him for 50 thousand dollars

A couple from California, heartbroken, said goodbye to their beloved dog, Marley. So they cloned him.

They knew, that Marley is the perfect dog. So when is the time to say goodbye to your beloved Labrador, Alicia and David did everything, what they had to, to keep part of Marley alive – slonowali go.

Ziggy's resemblance to Marley, Californian couples say, is amazing. “They have the same personality, they play the same, they favor the same toys " – told Alicia about the new animal in their lives.

While cloning a pet seems to be something, what can be seen in a science fiction movie, in fact, it is done more often than you think.

In 2018 years the actress and singer Barbara Streisand revealed, that two of her dogs were clones of the previous dog. Stolen dog in South Korea, which was known for its "legendary" nose, was cloned to produce seven other dogs. In 2009 In the year five puppies were cloned from the dog Trakr , the hero, who is credited with finding the last survivor under the rubble of the bombings 11 September in New York.

As they said, Marley's cloning process was carried out through ViaGen Pets. The company gives a price in the amount of 50 000 $. Tschirhartsowie, who live in Escondido, they said, that's a small price to pay.
After all, Marley could save Alice's life. The least they could do.
When Alicia was about four months pregnant, the couple with the dog went on a hike. Alicia bent down, to catch the cane, but Marley lunged and began scratching the ground in the area, to which she was approaching.
“I saw that big stick, so I wanted to catch him in my hand " – Alicia said. “I haven't even seen a snake, until Marley started barking and scratching. "
To, what was hiding on the trail, it is a poisonous rattlesnake. She said, that Marley's dog chased him away. He was later diagnosed with cancer and died about five years ago.
Now the couple argue, that their children will have more than just memories of Marley, they grow up with. "I just couldn't think of a better way to do it" – David said.