Facebook profiles are not displayed in traditional form, statycznych tablic. Mają właśnie formę osi czasu. All, what the user adds is sorted in chronological order. The more you go down, older events are revealed to this viewer.

What can be seen in the timeline?

The user's activity on Facebook is shown in the timeline. Viewer can see, when the user added their photo, liked a page, played the game on fb, added status etc.. Simple, intuitive way you can like such activities, or add a comment.

Important events

Our time also shows important events for the user. If he has posted relevant information, your friends can find out when the user left school, he got married, either he was born.

Who can post notes on the timeline?

Most often, all notes and other information are placed on the timeline by the Facebook user himself. But there is a possibility, for every friend to post a photo, or comment on his timeline. These messages are visible to everyone. This is how birthday greetings are mainly visible.

Can you change the look of the timeline??

Unfortunately, the possibilities here are very limited. You can only change your profile picture, and a background image, which resembles banners on blogs. Once the popular application was "change the color of your side view", but it was fake. The artwork on the timeline is unchanged. Facebook does not offer this option.