This question is bothering me. Where, after death, our four-legged friends are coming? Maybe they're resting in some secret place, where are we, people, after death we will not be allowed in?
The Church does not seem to have an unambiguous opinion on this matter (a pity). In 2014 year, the news appeared in the media, that Pope Francis, comforting the boy after losing his dog, He said, that Heaven is open to animals. Dog lovers (including me) Hearing news from the Vatican, they are disappointed, when it suddenly turns out, that this is some kind of mistake. It is said that the declarations made by Franciszek about the posthumous life of animals were not made or were possibly misunderstood.

So where are our dogs, hamsters or cats? In some secret place, where only animals go? Where no one hurts them? Where they have enough food, fun and caresses? I am convinced, that there is such a place somewhere, where our beloved sandwiches go, but also tired of hard work, tortured animals and all these, who knew a man only from the vilest side. I do believe, that they are happy somewhere right now.

Maybe it is Rainbow Bridge it really exists. At least I hope so, that my beloved guinea pig Balbinka is out there now ,,especially”. I will never be greeted by this joyful squeal asking for caresses. She would never beg for food in the kitchen again. I do believe, that it is now in place, where food limits do not apply, and the capacity of the stomach is by no means a limitation…

Let the learned and not only learned people talk, what do they want – that Pets they have no soul and, that everything ends with their death, and I will insist on my option anyway.

And you, what do you think about it all?




There is a bridge somewhere in this world, which connects Paradise with Earth. Nosi on nazwę TecwithOInegO MOstu ze względu na swą różnorodność cudownych barw.

From one end of this bridge stretches immeasurably, a fabulously beautiful land covered with meadows, hills and valleys. As soon as the eye can see a green one there, lush grass among which colorful blooms, field flowers.

It is special, to which all our animals go after death Friends.

It's always sunny there, warm and spring weather. Food, there is always plenty of goodness and water there.

Older and fragile animals become young and healthy there again.
To, who were mutilated on Earth become healthy once again
and functional. All ailments are forgotten there.

Całymi dniami bawią się one tam i hasają ze soba w całkowitej harmonii
i przyjaźni.

Unfortunately, to the complete happiness of these innocent Beings, one important thing is missing. Tęsknią one wciąż za tą swoją A special person,
who sincerely and dearly loved them once during her lifetime on Earth.

Wszystkie dni w tej beztroskiej Land upływają im na radosnych zabawach
i harcach.

But sometimes there are moments, when one of them stops suddenly, przerwie swą zabawę z przyjaciółmi i natęży ostro swój wzrok.

His nose will start moving with interest! The eyes stare intensely and hopefully at the distant point!

Uszy czujnie uniosą się do góry!

This is the moment, when this pet is determined to leave its amused group of friends. For a mysterious reason, it suddenly becomes more joyful, happier and so enchanted.

The mystery is a fact, that you were the one who was noticed!!! Twój najdroższy Friend poznał cię, he sniffed and heard from afar. He now runs to you and greets you with his former sincere joy. Ty również uszczęśliwiony wyciągasz swe ręce i obejmujesz swego wiernego Friend z utęsknioną czułością
i oddaniem.

Your face gets thoroughly licked with kisses, which you remember wonderfully from your earthly life.

Time has come again, w którym możesz spojrzeć w ufne i wierne oczy twego najpiękniejszego Friend.

Po tym cudownym i emocjonalnym przywitaniu przechodzicie razem przez ten piękny TęcwithOInand MOst, never to be separated again and to be with each other forever.


Author unknown.