What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus map

What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus map

„Korona” w nazwie wirusa oznacza prostą koronę. Jest tak, ponieważ wirus ma kolczastą krawędź. Koronawirus, like most representatives of the large family of viruses, często infekuje zwierzęta. W tym przypadku nietoperze i ptaki, which first quickly infected their colonies and reached humans.

The current type of virus has been dubbed the new 2019-nCoV coronavirus. This is the seventh coronavirus, which infects people. Now it can spread from person to person. Nobody knows exactly, where does the virus come from. Is estimated, that the virus began spreading in China in Wuhan late last year.

The World Health Organization has changed the name of the 2019-nCov coronavirus to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Recent figures indicate, that no child had died from the coronavirus until 9 Years, the most common victims of the corona virus are the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

Antibodies in the body to covid reduce the number of po 3 months, until it disappears completely.

Who dies most often from the coronavirus? Shows the graph.

Coronavirus disease map COVID-19 illustrates the number of people affected by the virus and their location. The map tracks the Wuhan coronavirus in near real-time and collects validated case data from multiple sources.