The man went to jail because… his lawn was the wrong color

The man went to jail because… his lawn was the wrong color.

66-a year-old American went to jail for not taking care of the grass outside his house. Joseph Prudente is not a criminal – at least in the ordinary sense of the word. 66-the year-old man has long avoided complying with the regulation introduced by his district authorities, ordering that the grass in front of each house should be perfectly green. For this you need to purchase a special grass, which always keeps the green color. Prudente, however, has a hard time paying back the loan, who enlisted to buy a house. He couldn't afford the expensive grass, so he did not care about the color of the grass in front of the house. After a year of ignoring letters from a local people's association, the measuring cup has finally changed. The Prudente case went to court, who ordered the arrest of the man with no bail. This bizarre story touched Joseph's neighbors. They spontaneously organized a drop-off for the renovation of the neglected lawn. Some only wrote checks, others offered to help with work. Two private companies donated grass. Joseph is free – it was possible to prove before the court, that his lawn is now perfectly green.