Can mongooses be pets?

Can mongooses be pets?

It's fairly possible, for mongooses to be included anywhere on the lists of the most popular or low-maintenance pets, Because, to be honest, they are not ordinary pets.

(According to a survey conducted by v 2016 R. among 27 000 online consumers in 22 countries, dogs are distinguished by this, that they are the most popular pets in the world.) Although mongooses are better known for their remarkable ability to decimate poisonous snakes than for their suitability as pets, are they really that bad for people, to hug them?

Exotic animal enthusiasts in the United States have become used to answering questions about it, which makes a "good" pet, so delving into mongoose questions might seem like the best way to start. However, many lovers, from non-profit organizations dedicated to the rehabilitation of exotic animals to licensed breeders of exotic animals, prefers to argue, that the owner makes, that the animal is "good". For example, a private breeding facility in Florida, which specializes in rare animals, such as caracals and fencers, has a seemingly extensive document asking potential owners about their ability to care for unusual creatures. She preaches, that the first and foremost factor to consider is the legality of keeping the desired animal in the community, in which he lives. The facility then encourages potential owners to consider such factors, How: how much time they can devote to their pet to establish a relationship of trust, how well they feel with awareness, that no exotic animal will ever be fully trained, threats, what animal can create for children, and how much total investment the animal requires. Although this breeding facility does not specialize in mongooses, its rules seem to apply to any exotic animal.

Mongoose, with her slim, small stature and beautiful, gray or marked fur, may seem like the perfect animal to tame and keep as a cute pet pet. However, in countries, in which mongooses are not native, their import is strictly regulated due to their destruction, what they can cause for flora and fauna. (The introduction of mongoose to Hawaii for rodents in 1883 R. and the control of snakes has been disastrous). So for those, who live there, where mongooses are very limited, it would be best to resist the fantasies of having such a companion. One website dedicated to all matters related to caring for animals considers the possibility of keeping mongooses as pets and mentions the animal intelligence observed, but ultimately says: “Keeping mongooses as pets is not a smart option, because they are prone to rabies and can be temperamentally unpredictable ". That should be enough, to think twice, whether to let the mongoose in or lean on her furry arm.

In some parts of the world, different pet care concepts allow mongooses to be owned. Especially in Africa and Asia, where you can find native mongoose species, these animals have long developed relationships with humans: are let into houses, to look after unwanted rodents or snakes, and show devotion to people they know, but they are still definitely wild animals. Although they are not pets, such mongooses continue to develop a reciprocal relationship with humans, possibly becoming a different kind of pet.