How to clean the oven with home methods?

How to clean the oven with home methods?

For cleaning ovens, we can use many cleaning agents available on the market, however, if we do not want to use highly corrosive substances out of fear, that the oven and its elements may be slightly damaged, during frequent treatments, let's use proven home methods 🙂

In order not to clean the oven too often, do not allow it to become too dirty, and wash it immediately after each use (after cooling down, of course) a damp cloth soaked in hot water, not forgetting to carefully wipe the bottom of the oven.

Clean the ovens when they are still slightly warm, put in the middle 150 ml of cleaning agent, the composition of which is based on dilute ammonia, then close the door - leave the oven turned off. Ovens cleaned in this way are best left for several hours or overnight with the cleaning liquid inside, and in the morning wash the oven thoroughly with hot soapy water.

You can also use baking soda for washing, which we sprinkle on the moistened surface of the oven. Then soft, clean the entire surface with a wire sponge, and collect excess water with a cloth - repeat the action until the desired effect is achieved. At the very end, wash the oven with water and wipe all parts dry.

Soak the dirty trays in a solution of two parts of baking soda and four parts of hot water, we can do it in the sink or in the bathtub. After about twenty minutes (depending on the degree of soiling) wipe them with a cloth with liquid and wipe dry. Ovens, which we will systematically take care of will not require too much scrubbing and the use of highly corrosive substances, because the dirt will not be able to penetrate too deeply into it.

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