She found herself a lost sheep

She found herself “lost sheep”

Rescued Australian sheep, freed from weighing wool 35 Kilograms.

A sheep can be seen before shearing thick wool in Lancefield, Victoria, Australia 5 February 2021 R. Wild and sick sheep found in forest in Australia, named by Baarack rescuers, had a fleece almost half the weight of an adult kangaroo after that, how it was cut for the first time in many years.

Employees said, that the shearer 35,4 kg of wool from this creature. “Under neath this confusing, moving mass of dirty fleece, decorated with countless sticks, twigs and insects … there was an Australian response to the yeti – but sheep” – posted volunteers in a Facebook post.

The sheep was found by a member of the public, who contacted Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary near Lancefield, Victoria, about 60 kilometres north of Melbourne, according to Mission’s Kyle Behrend. “Seems, that Baarack was once a sheep from a herd of”, said Behrend, “once had earrings on his ears, however, these seem to be plucked by a thick fleece around his face.

“Sheep must be cut at least once a year, otherwise, the fleece continues to grow and grow, as was the case in this case” – said Behrend. After a much-needed haircut, Behrend said, that Baaack's fleece weighed 35,4 Kilogram.

“While his hooves were in great condition from running on rocks in the woods, he was in a bit of a bad state. He was underweight, and because of all the wool around his face he barely saw.”

"And although a few scratches are now drawing his lean body, with ulcer, heritage of his once blind on the wool of the state, of which everything will be ed, Baarack can now see the world more clearly." – posted volunteers on Facebook.