The server, Cosmos, Atlantis – any name possible

The server, Cosmos, Atlantis – any name possible

You have a problem giving your child an unusual name? Go to Ukraine. Local law does not provide for any restrictions in this area, therefore, apart from traditional names, the most sophisticated products of human imagination appear here more and more often. The report of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice shows, that even though the names from the calendar are still in the lead, Exotic names are not uncommon in Ukraine today, and even invented by the parents themselves. Yes, next to Sophia, Daria and Roman and Hlib (Soil) Ukrainian registry offices registered in. 2006 the name of Czeresznia (Cherry), Caryca, Pryncesa (Princess), Atlantis, Madagascar and Timer (or the. timer).

Parents from Zaporizhia region (eastern Ukraine), probably for the love of computer science, they named their newborn son Server, and the inhabitants of the Donetsk region called the child Kosmos.

“Ukrainian legislation does not impose any restrictions on parents' names, therefore we even have a boy named Jesus Christ in our country (Jesus Christ)” – The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice, Lija Ilchenko, told PAP.

When asked about the origin of her own, also an infrequent name, Mrs. Lija replied, that it was the result of her father's distraction.

“Before I was born, my parents wanted to name me Victoria or Liliana. But Dad was so nervous, that he forgot, what they agreed with mom, and chose something in between” – the spokeswoman said laughing.

The Ministry of Justice in Kiev emphasized in Monday's communiqué, that last year, unlike a year 2005, Ukrainian parents did not give their children names in honor of political activists.

After the victory of the Orange Revolution, when Viktor Yushchenko became president of the country, many boys have just received his name.

The custom of giving children names related to politics or economic achievements was initiated by the communists. In the early days of the Soviet Union, you could meet people named Lenin or Wilen (from the name, patronymic and names of the leader of the Bolshevik coup, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin).

At that time, there were also such gems as Traktor and Tractorna or Dazdraperma (abbreviation from Russian “Da Zdrawstwujet First May”, that is, Long Live May First).

And although the times of communism in Ukraine are now forgotten, communist mentality, ordering destruction “the old one” and creating your own “new”, still lives in the minds of many people. Applies to, as you can see, also names.

So let's not be surprised, if one of the Ukrainian citizens who are delighted with the Western way of life calls their son Merc (from mercedes), and a daughter, in honor of the mobile phone, Mobila (from mobile phone, that is, a cell).