Will the conflict in Ukraine trigger World War III?

Will the conflict in Ukraine trigger World War III?. Ukraina i III wojna światowa.

This question is certainly asked by many people, not only in Poland. Russia's conflict with Ukraine is in full swing, and the situation is not getting worse. To understand this conflict well, you should start from the very source of the conflict, that is, go back in time. In the past, the territory of today's Ukraine was under the control of the Russians. Putin has recently remembered this, and while he still found out, that in the Crimea (Ukrainian peninsula) quite a lot of Russians live and, in addition, it is a place rich in gas deposits, oil etc., decided to regain his former prey and return it to Russia.

Ukraine, of course, was against it. Maidan was established in the capital, i.e. in Kiev, that is, open opposition to the Ukrainian government, which cannot separate itself from the Moscow government. Unfortunately, Russia puts a lot of pressure on Ukraine in all respects, and Ukraine has always been ruled by Moscow subjects. Currently, the situation is downright tragic. Russia has entered eastern Ukraine with its troops and regular fights are taking place there, shooting, bombardment. Will Putin's army come to Kiev and could it threaten the rest of Europe?? The specialists are under no illusions, that it could be so.

Currently, there is talk of Ukraine joining NATO. If she had agreed to it, in the event of a major attack by the aggressor, NATO troops would support Ukraine immediately.