What did Michalczewski's conversation with Bosak look like?

What did Michalczewski's conversation with Bosak look like?. Michalczewski vs Bosak.

Two days ago, a conversation by Dariusz Michalczewski took place on Polsat News in the program Tak or Nie – former boxer with Krzysztof Bosak, representative of the Nationalists party. This conversation was very emotional, and quotes from it quickly circulated the Internet. The most popular quote is that of Darius, who said to Bosak: We are already talking 15 minutes, but I have an impression, that we broadcast on completely different stations – pan and telezakupach, and me on CNN. Such a cut retort made everyone laugh. And what was it this time? It was a conversation about civil unions and the possibility of adopting children by same-sex couples. Homosexuals as a sexual minority in Poland demand such rights (but not all of them and this should be clearly stated!).

Krzysztof Bosak, as a nationalist, believes, that is wrong, that children will not have good parenting models, that they could be harassed (was based on research by institutes, he didn't even know the name, nor the names of those who conducted this research). In turn, Dariusz Michalczewski is famous for this, that he supports the homosexual community, hence the so-called LGBT movement, that is Les Gay Bi Trans. Thinks, that homosexuals should be given a chance at least on a trial basis, for a time, to check, will they be good parents and will the children be happy with them.