From X Archive


Another hit from across the ocean, which won the hearts of Poles and not only was the famous science fiction series entitled: „From X Archive”. In each episode, two FBI agents - Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, discovered more and more amazing secrets of the world and pursued extraordinary creatures. The popularity of the series translated into two Golden Globes and several other awards. Additionally, two cinema films were made about the agents of the unexplained office. The filming of the series began in the year 1993, and it was completed after almost a decade. The last ninth season was completed in 2002 year. The series "From the X Archives" has also had several book editions.

When it comes to the popularity of the actors, the educated and handsome David Duchovny definitely wins the competition. He made many films, and recently he is also the star of the series "Californication". Gillian Anderson, on the other hand, was much less fortunate and her star faded a bit.