Doctor Kildare

This topic will never end. For unknown reasons, the viewer has always relished the sight of the actors' medical struggles, playing the role of surgeons or doctors of other specialization. To this day, interest in this topic has not waned. This explains the popularity of series such as "Chirurdzy" or "Doktor House".


The first picture, which aroused mass emotions was the series entitled: "Doctor Kildare". The series was produced at the beginning of the sixties in America. And the hearts of women were won over by the super handsome Richard Chamberlain, who played the leading male role. Back then, a talented actor unknown to anyone. The series has as many as one hundred and ninety episodes. It was the first series of its kind, in which they "healed" on television. The series was created on the basis of a radio play popular in the 1950s, and also became the basis for a comic book about a brave doctor. The story is based on the fate of a young trainee, who learns his profession in a metropolitan hospital, under the supervision of an outstanding specialist in general surgery. In addition, the young doctor is struggling with personal problems.