What are the popular Polish proverbs

What are the popular Polish proverbs (at least 6)

Polish proverbs

There are a whole lot of beautiful Polish proverbs and it's hard to choose only 6. The proverb comes first:

Who is digging the lows under whom, he falls into them himself. How Polish it is! We argue with our neighbors so often, we set traps for each other, and yet (and here's another proverb):

Who is at war with the sword, he dies by the sword.

Another example might be: Baba from the cart, it's easier for horses.

It is also said: Where the cook is six, there is nothing to eat there. Other:

You want to know the truth about yourself, quarrel with a friend.

Who said, that proverbs necessarily rhyme? There are many more of them.

It is worth listing a few more, so that there is plenty to choose from.

Oto i one: What one head will come up with, is the second thought. What one playfulness, it is slavery to the other. What's at the bottom of whose heart, then the vodka will make you clear. It is also spoken often: What starts wrong, it ends well. Or: I feel like a fish in water – so I feel very comfortable with it, I feel great, perfectly. It is popular too: If the goat hadn't jumped, it would not break her leg. There are many more such proverbs. You can find them on the Internet or buy a book with Polish proverbs. It will definitely be a good purchase and not so expensive at all.