When the Polish series were broadcast, enjoyed great popularity. Hundreds of episodes were produced. The longest of them was shot for thirteen years. The fate of the heroes was widely commented on in the media, on the streets or at home.


An example of such a "beloved" Polish tapeworm was the series "Złotopolscy”. It disappeared from the antenna only in 2010 year, after thirteen years of fame. The creators shot as much as 1121 episodes. The series at first delighted viewers with the presence of genius actors of the older generation. Great characters were created in it by Henryk Machalica, Jerzy Turek or Leon Niemczyk. They were accompanied by exceptional women: Alina Janowska, Małgorzata Rożniatowska or Anna Milewska. The series told the story of a family from an old manor house in Złotopolice. The axis of events focused on the figure of the village administrator Dionysius and his twin sister, with whom he was quarreling - Eleanor Gabriel. The older generation of screen stars were accompanied by young and talented people, playing the role of children and grandchildren of Złotopolski or Gabriels. Despite many dramatic scenes and serious dilemmas, there were comedy scenes in the series. However, the death of Henryk Machalica and then Jerzy Turk significantly contributed to the decline in the viewership of the series. W 2010 In the year it was decided to remove it from the antenna.