Magda M..


In contrast to the brutal violence in "Extradition", another Polish series remained, typically legal with an additional love plot. The most popular series of recent years, or "Magda M." tells the story of a thirty-year-old provincial - Magda Miłowicz, who is making a career in a Warsaw law firm. Additionally, she gets involved in a complicated cardiac system with the ex-husband of her former client, Piotr Korzecki.

The series was loved by women. Poland "Magda M." she was supposed to be familiar, the Vistula version of "Ally McBeal", which in the nineties made a sensation on American TV. "Magda M." had four series, including the last one shot almost on the wave of popularity of the series. Arose 55 episodes.

In year 2007 the series received "Telekamerę".

One of the most feminine series on Polish TV in recent years. Speech somewhat similar in character to "Ally McBeal", "Magda M." We also have a pretty and articulate young woman in her thirties. Of course, a competent attorney has a lot of heart turmoil, especially in relation to Paweł Korzecki - the series is played by the hyper-popular couple: Joanna Brodzik and Paweł Małaszyński. Three more series and a tightened fourth, they gave Polish women in total 55 episodes of adventures of a brave Warsaw lawyer. The series ended in 2010 year.