Magdalena Mazur

Magdalena Mazur. Born in 1976 in Katowice. A graduate of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Silesia. He lives in Poznań, but he spends most of his time in Warsaw working. She made her screen debut in the film "Paint" in the year 1997. The viewers are most associated with the role of Weronika in "Chłopaki nie crying" and with sister Magda in the series "Daleko od noszy". Privately, a delicate and subtle blonde turns out to be an energetic and "hard" woman, full of life passions such as. long journeys into the unknown.

Filmography :

"At the hairdresser" as Justyna 2006
"Pensjonat pod Różą" as Dagmara 2005
"Krminalni" as Anna Pawlicka 2005
"A whole new honeymoon" as a candidate for a seamstress 2004
"Far from the stretcher" as sister Magda 2003-2006
"Polish Holidays" as Ella 2002
"How it's done with girls" 2002
"Morning Coyote" as Max's girlfriend 2001
"Marshal Piłsudski" as a woman in prison 2001
"Buła i spóła" as Gosia, Buła's girlfriend 2001
"Polish Holidays" as a saleswoman 2000
"Boys Don't Cry" as Weronika, ex-girlfriend of Kuba 2000
"Klan" as a model working on the collection of Monika Ross 1997-2006
"Paint" as a nurse 1997