Piotr Gasowski

Piotr Gasowski (ur. 16 April 1964 in Mielec) – Polish actor. In year 1986 graduated from the PWST in Warsaw. He made his debut on the theater stage in 2006 1987. He has performed in theaters: Comedy (1986-1989) and New (1989-1994), and in the Tercet cabaret, that is a quartet, who took part in the TV productions of the Gala of the Feast Song and W oparach absurdu. He graduated from the PWST in Warsaw in 1986 year. He gained stage experience in Warsaw theaters – first in Comedy (1986-1988), later in Nowy (do 1994), in which he played, among others. the role of Gombrowicz in the performance “Czomber z Gombra”. He made his debut on the big screen with a small role in the film “Daimler-Benz limousine” in dir. Philip Bajona (1982). At that time, he was a student of the final grade. He played his first major roles in “Ring with a crowned eagle” Andrzej Wajda (1992), “Balanga” Łukasz Wylężałek (1993) and the series by Jerzy Gruza “Forty years old twenty years later” (1993). You can see it in “Billboard” Łukasz Zadrzyński, “Gold of deserters” Janusz Majewski, “Jacob, liars” Peter Kassovitza i “Awesome vacation” Mark Piestrak. The list of films with the participation of Piór Gąsowski also includes titles: “A woman at war” (“Woman at War’ dir. Ed Benett, “Controlled calls” dir. Sylwester Chęciński, “Country of the world” dir. Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, “Nothing funny” dir. Mark Koterski, “For what?” dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz, “Bar Atlantic” dir. Janusz Maja Osski, “Doctor Semmelweis” dir. Roger Andre. He also appeared in television series: “Dom” (series III, “Crossing the Line” (multi-production), “WOW ‘ and German “Star Star”. Moreover, he has participated in Polish and foreign TV films: “Decrease”, “no two” (French production), “The beauty of Warsaw” (French production) i “Call”. He is also known for his roles in TV Theaters: “A starvation ration” dir. Sylwester Chęciński, “Learned whiteheads” dir. Andrzej Baranski, “Ketchup Schroedera” dir. Philip Zylber, “World” dir. Leszek Wosiewicz, “Gardener's dog” dir. Jacek Gąsiorowski and many TV programs: “Fumes of absurdity” dir. Andrzej Zaorski, “The third element” dir. Andrzej Strzelecki, “Tango criminal” dir. Wojciech Mlynarski. His name is also associated with cabaret “third, that is a quartet”. This group was the attraction of such stage and television programs, How “The gala of the feast song” Whether “In the fumes of absurdity”. He won the Grand Prix at the acting song review in Wrocław in 1993 R.

Theater career :

“Cabaret exercises” – PWST Warsaw 1985.

“He's haunted in our house” – as Jarek, 1987R.

“What can not be seen” – jako Lloyd Dallas 1988r.

“Cyd” – as the Castilian King 1991.

“Christmas tree at the Ivanov family” – Jako Puzyriew, father 1992

“Savory from Gombra” – as Henryk 1992.

“A chance” – as Karol 1992.

“It rains side by side … ” – 1993R.

“Iwaszkiewicz” – 1993R.

“Kwili in the stable of God” – jako Maciek; Herod 1993r.

“A magician from Lublin” – very Herman 1994r.

“A bald singer” – as Fireman Captain 1996.

“Tango criminal” – 1997R.

“Adam Mickiewicz laughs …” 1998R.

“Promises, promises” – jako Jeff Sheldrake 1999r.

“Chicago” – jako Billy Flynn 2002r.

“Business” – as Stanley Bigley 2004.

“Lonely heart” – jako Clif 2005r.

Film career :

"That until dawn …”- as a recording pirate (odc. VII), 1992R
"Balanga" - as a taxi driver, 1993R
"Country of the World" - 1993
"40-year-old 20 years later "- 1993
"New Adventures of Arsen Lupine" - 1993
„WOW’ – 1993r
"Joanna's Adventures" - as Iza's dad, 1994R
"Attorney's Team" - 1994
"Private City" - as a Receptionist, 1994R
"Bank out of this world" - 1994
"Sherlock Mordziaczek" - 1994
"Nothing Funny" - 1995
"For what?” – 1995r
"Extradition II" - 1996
"Bar Atlantic" - as Teddy Bear-episode I,II,VII,X, 1996R
"The secret of Sagala (serial)” – as Waiter odc.XII, 1996R
"Summon" - as TV Editor, 1997R
"The Gold of Deserters" - as Goldman-Silberman, 1998R
"Pirków House" - 1998
"Bilboard" - as Fat, 1998R
"Siedlisko" - jacket Edzio, 1998R
"Pan Tadeusz" - as the Registrar, 1999R
"Awesome Vacation" - as Professor Damrot, 1999R
"Early Spring" - as Father Nastek, 2000R
"Great Things" - as Zygmunt, 2000R
"Far from the stretcher" - as Doctor Czesław Basen, 2003
"Kasia and Tomek" - as a voice-wine tasting instructor, 2003R

Television career :

"Harlequinade" - strong, 1993R
"Dunia by Crime and Punishment" - as Zasimow, 1993R
"The Sword" - as the Third Man, 1993R
"Before Spring Comes" - 1994
"Nowy Dom Kiszot" - as Jakub, 1994R
"Hunger ration" - as Matuch, 1995R
"Bożena" - as Lewka, 1995R
"Don Juan" - very Guzman, 1996R
"Excellency" - as Obnoskin, 1996R
King Momus - as the Cook, 1996R
„Madame Moliere (Moliereequal)” – 1996r
"Enemy" - as an Helper, 1996R
"Miki" - as Marcin, 1996R
“Ketchup Schroendra” – jako Planner, 1997R
"Fables about animals" - as a Horse, 1997R
"Scholarly Whiteheads" - as Knitted, 1997R
"The Scarlet Letter" - as Wilson, 1997R
Balkis” – jako Brahim, 1998R
"Gardener's Dog" - as Federico, 1999R
„Racje Głodowe”

Awards :

Stage Songs Review in Wrocław(XIII) 1st prize in a duet with Robert Rozmus in 1992