Far from the nose – Kidler under protection

Far from the nose – “Kidler under protection”

There is probably no help for me from nowhere. Worse and worse with me. I start to see Czesław in every single man. Połowa biedy jak to jest ordynator Łubicz, for he is also well-built, especially around the waist. But yesterday I started hugging such a short brunette in a greengrocer, because I thought, that this is my Czesio when he came back to me once. Only when such a big fat one began to shuffle, then I woke up. And this short brunette did not even protest in a word. Because guys are like that!

Except for Arthur, of course. Well, he is absolutely unique. And who thought it, that such a Kidler can give us such a special pleasure. Nobody would have guessed, that such a skeptic can get himself a bodyguard. And how handsome! Likewise, he was protecting some Chinese sheikh or Arab emperor.

Well, that's why it has a price and Kidler couldn't keep it for too long. And security would really be of use to him, because some patient with Levorne came to us and was asking terribly about him. Likewise, Kidler took something from him and cut too much. I wonder if he did not get rich in some way, because what reason could he afford such a nice bodyguard??

We felt a bit sorry for Kidler. Like a pig, he will not respect man, only the usual use, he borrows money, never gives back. In addition, to the head of the head, he reports on everyone and he wants to kill Łubicz himself. Otherwise, when he drinks, this monkey brain gets, break everything and rape it. That something else would come out of this rape, but this is only such straw enthusiasm ...

But I was too far off topic. Anyway, we felt unnecessary sorry for him with the girls and we fell on his bodyguard, to bring him to the hospital for a while. And this pig hired such a puff, such mediocrity, in a word, I was lean from a greengrocer! Because guys are like that, the gardeners are one!