Far from the nose – White madness

Far from the nose – “White madness”

Ever since Czesław has gone gray (although some say livid, because you can too) I take night shifts more willingly. Somehow, I don't like being too close to people's eyes. And sad at night alone.

It was just the day after yesterday that I was on duty. I will send you a little bit once, when the phone rang. The caretaker asks me, or maybe Czesław can open the door with a pick. At first, I thought, that I haven't woken up yet. But I remembered it, that I had all the locks replaced, so that this rascal doesn't get home in my absence.

Of course, I told the janitor, that she was not to let him in under any circumstances. But this smart guy took Wojtuś for mercy and the kid opened the door for him. Normally I couldn't sit still for all of this. But well, nurse on duty, he is like a soldier on guard. I couldn't defeat…. zdezer….. zdezer…. means to leave the post.

When I got home, neither Czesław was there, nor Wojtusia. NO, I was not scared, that Czesław took him, because he would not take such trouble on his head in his life, only on others he would gladly blame it.

In the afternoon I returned to work. How once the scandal with Shakes the Dance's partner broke out. She broke her leg on the stairs and Shock wanted to sue the hospital for lost profits. But how he led her to the water, that's how their steps came out, that they only stopped on the dance floor. And they took the main prize!

Finally, I called Wojtuś in the evening. Turned out, that Czesław only came for fishing rods. It made me happy, because I broke all of them before. Let him at least know, that I am angry with him.