Far from the nose – Tragedy in the elevator

Far from the nose – “Tragedy in the elevator”

I like Sunday very much. Then I can rely on my bed until seven. During the week it is out of the question, I wake up before five, together with trams. Admittedly, trams do not run near us, but a tram driver lives opposite, Sasin. A nasty rascal. He gets up at half past five. He's furious about it, I don't know. That's why he slams the door terribly, until she all jumps up on the bed. I prefer to get up and listen, what Czesław says in his sleep.

So far it seemed to me, that in a dream he is making the world champion in fisheries. It just purrs all the time: "You will see, you will be mine yet!”. "I can already feel you in my hands". And something about the catch… But Basia opened my eyes, that it is definitely not about fish, just for some other woman. At first, I didn't want to believe her, but then I got the evidence. This trickster got stuck in the elevator with Magda, although he had always argued, that she is claustrophobic. We even sleep on two separate beds for this reason, because he spoke, that on one with me it is too tight and falls into a tunic (although some say panic, because you can too).

This time, fortunately, there was no tragedy of life, 'Cause Kidler assembled a colonoscopy probe and we put it through the pinhole. Thanks to this, we had an eye on them all the time and they could not think of anything dirty. By the way, Tępień could manage the elevator repair operation. As soon as she started and went to the ward, I took Czesław for a disciplinary interview right away.

And I think I have to put something on Sasin. After all, thanks to him I can be up to date with Czesław's "fish".