Far from the nose – Disruptor and Godzilla

Far from the nose – “Disruptor and Godzilla”

People must definitely not be judged by their appearance. Yesterday, for example, so inconspicuous came to us. He smiled pleasantly, he was polite, but only as he left the elevator could be felt, that something must be hidden under his cover. I do not know, How did this happen, but it was enough, że zamieniłyśmy z Basią kilka słów z nim, and we were already furiously angry with each other. First time in my life.

And then it all spread out around the hospital, along with this inconspicuous one. To, that Shock wanted to beat Basia, it's no wonder actually. He reminds her in every second sentence, what a heavy handle it has. And because he is now the king of the dances every now and then, Basia answered him once, that the leg is also not light, because when she saw him dancing, it is as if an elephant was falling over the dance floor…

But I was too far off topic. Although not really, because it is all about arguing. Well, the whole hospital has become one big quarrel. Basically there was no people, who has not argued with someone. Lubicz slowly did not know what to do, I advised him so, to get some Godzilla… Because anyway, like some difficult situation occurs in the hospital, he is always talking to me with it. Not so officially, of course, because he wouldn't confess, that such an important head of the head is advised by an ordinary nurse…

Well, this time I really flew away about the topic. At least, how this Godzilla came to the hospital, it started to calm down. Even Shock agreed with Basia temporarily, although their quarrel is a mormal state and not an exception.

But when it seemed already, that this Godzilla will reconcile everyone, went to this inconspicuous. And what a quarrel happened!

I told you, that people should not be judged by their appearance. So inconspicuous, and he even dealt with Godzilla.