Far from the nose – Early bird

Far from the nose – “Early bird”

In the morning Basia told me, that he has a name day. I was a bit surprised, because I didn't notice, that Barbara would approach, but she explained to me, that he cares about Elvira. Because that's what she took at confirmation. This surprised me even more, because it always seemed to me, that only boys are confirmed. Basia explained, that I must have mistaken it for circumcision…

Maybe I was wrong, but at least in the wrong hour I got it wrong. Because Wojtek from the reception desk downstairs called me and said, that he has an early riser. Well, it immediately reminded me of this confirmation and the latter, which sounds so alike. I flew down to him, so that they wouldn't send him to one of them, what a bird… means life will break.

Luckily it turned out, that this bird is not his, just so real, with feathers. It looked like a sparrow. But, that wounded, it is an undeniable fact. That is why I called Czesław, to operate on him. Czesław shuddered, because now he is a ward and he has not held a scalpel in his hand for a long time. However, he was persuaded. Basia quickly arranged the surgery and we were to start the surgery.

Then Łubicz ran into the operational area and said, that the bird is not a sparrow, only Raymond and Kidler has to operate on him. No nic, Czesio left, Kidler did his job, although he was drunk, because he couldn't find the door after the operation. But he did the job expertly, because the bird flew away right after that. As soon as we lost sight of him, it was the patient who came for surgery, what is Raymond Ptak's name. I immediately associated it with our bird and thought, that this is a terrible maneuver of circumstances (although some say fugitive, because you can too). Well, but two Raymond Birds, we cannot operate on one day, that's why I sent him home.