Far from the nose – Jubilee of Dr. Pool

Far from the nose – “Jubilee of Dr. Pool”

Yesterday my Wojtek called and said, that I will become a grandmother. I almost fell off the handset. But I'm asking the kid how this misfortune happened. And Wojtuś tells me, it was fun. Normal thing, actually. It always starts with having fun. Before Wojtuś was born, we also played doctor with Czesław. He took out his debts, shiny stethoscope i…

But I was too far off topic. I immediately summoned Czesław and proposed to him, that his thirteen-year-old Wojtuś will have a child. What is he telling me, that it was impossible, for his son is twelve years old. End of the world, who i live with, he doesn't even know, how old is the child! And he did not even care about this grandson at first, just calculated, that if Wojtek is actually thirteen years old, he already has his 10th diploma. As if it were important!

The worst, that our misfortune immediately spread throughout the hospital. The GP called me over and continued to make fun of us. So that everyone knows about it, he ordered a magnified photo of the perpetrator to be hung on the hospital wall. Conscience, rogue, there aren't. I thought, that I would have to tell the kid to undress and photograph him, what's in her panties!

But then I called Wojtuś and made sure, what he did to this friend while having fun, that there would be no worse of it. And he said to me, that he pulled her braid. A stone almost fell from my kidneys (although some say "from the heart", although it probably makes no sense, because you know, the stones are on the kidneys, więc niby dlaczego mają z serca spadać?). But Basia raised my doubts, that it is hardly known, where he pulled her by the braid. Never mind, grunt, that I avoided the shame.

But Czesław did not get away with it. He boasted too much about his decade of graduation. Well, Łubicz must have felt something and this diploma in turn had to be enlarged and hung on the wall. Then Nowak noticed the partnership with Kidler, that there is something wrong with this Czech diploma. I had already felt it ten years earlier, because he supposedly attended courses and I found garters in his pocket!