Far from the nose – Shadow of Forest Mountain

Far from the stretcher -“Shadow of Forest Mountain”

Yesterday, Łubicz was very nervous since morning. An unannounced inspection was due to arrive at our hospital. In fact, this is normal. We have such inspections every now and then. But so far we knew about them at least a week in advance. Well, at worst, five days earlier. And here the buch and the inspection was to appear the very next day. You can see immediately, that Łubicz was losing his influence in the ministry. A little more and it will fly…

But I was too far off topic. This unannounced inspection made him nervous. Especially from the moment, when the whole hospital started to stink. It's supposed to be because of it, that Kidler decided to invent a cure for everything. And as is well known, every drug smells bad. So that's for everything, must have smelled like that, that could not be compared with anything.

Of course, Łubicz cast this stench on my Czesia, that he doesn't seem to pay enough attention to his work. That's why he wouldn't even let him eat lunch, he just ordered the whole hospital to be cleaned up right away. But I knew, it's for nothing. I advised Czesław, that he would buy a dedorant and sprinkle everything with it. And today he brought a whole bag of this one, what's called: "Climate of the Forest Mountain". He chose very well, because the forest smells good, and the mountains also smell lively (because as the saying goes, "there's nothing like crisp, mountain air ").
We sprayed all the corners with it and what started to happen! Basia and Shock started drinking from their beaks, Czesio became friends with patients, Kidler was giving away his miracle cure for free. And that inspector from the unannounced inspection, although it's a terrible pig, he went, that he doesn't smell the stench and gave us an excellent rating!
Please, what it means to have a suitable working climate! Miracles can work.