Far from the nose – The invisible patient

Far from the nose – “The invisible patient”

The day before yesterday I was admitting the Invisible Patient to the hospital. As soon as I saw him, I knew, that there will be some trouble with him. Because try to figure out what it is, like no disease is visible in him? At least Dr. Karinka, who examined him from head to toe, she said, that you can feel a lot about him, especially around the waist. I do not know, I didn't smell it, it and I felt nothing. But Karinka was a little excited after this examination. She probably found it an interesting medical accident and a challenge for herself.

The head physician was also stubborn and made up his mind, that he will do anything, so that the Invisible becomes visible. Czesław said it right away, that the Ordinator must have taken a very thick envelope from him, because he would not get involved with the usual one. And then I told him right away: Czesław, you do not envy others, you take an honest job yourself and see two patients, they will also give you something for sure ".

And for two days there was trouble with this Invisible. Basia claims, that Shock is not enough because of him he did not lose his job. Besides, everyone thought, that he is everywhere. The girls have even started coming to work wearing work clothes, because they were normally afraid to change clothes, so that the Invisible one would not see them. Czesław immediately began to envy him and began to say something, that he would gladly get infected from him, because then he could peek a little. I abused him heavily, but I admit it myself, that such invisibility, that could be a pretty cool thing. I could eat as much as I can and you wouldn't be able to see it at all, that I'm getting fat!

Today they finally figured it out, how to heal the Invisible. Of course, it was Nowak who invented it. But it's hardly surprising, ten years old boy lies with us day and night, he had all possible illnesses. And that he is smart, he did it and learned the trade. Kidler immediately began treating the Invisible. But as he saw his pre-illness photograph, he discontinued his treatment and was immediately discharged. Karinka claims, it's out of jealousy, that this Invisible was so beautiful. Who knows, boys are often jealous.