Far from the nose – Three young students

Far from the nose – “Three young students”

Basia came to me this morning and talks: "You will fall over, when i tell you!!!”. I thought right away, that she made an appointment with Dr. Shock. She admittedly claims, that she hates him, but I know, that the more she hates him, the more she wants to go out with him. Once, for example, I see, that she grinds her teeth at the sight of him. I tell her: "Basiuchna, you go, go take it easy ". And drunk, that he can't. He takes the knife and runs after it. He turns around, horror in the eyes. Basia runs up to him and…. she asks, wouldn't they go dancing together sometimes. And he takes the apple out of his pocket, to use this knife.

But I was too far off topic. Because Basia finally told me, that three young interns come to us. And it will surely be a turning point in her life, because statistically one must be brunet! And she loves it.

In fact, I even understand her, although the rapture itself is already behind me, as a mother to children and a wife to husbands. At school, I could follow boys and look for love… And now I have one husband and one rapture. That should be enough for me. And it is enough. To some extent, of course. That's why I tweaked my makeup just in case. I had to look nice, because Czesław rose up. Detriment, that only from the floor with his rag.

Unfortunately, the interns disappointed us. Instead of appreciating the beauty of Basia's and mine's mature charms, it was they who could not take their eyes off this shit Magda. This is what the youth of today are like! When I was their age it was unthinkable, so that the interns do not take on me. And now it's a pity to talk, hands drop. And not only.