Far from the nose – “The ghastly spirit of privatization

Far from the nose – “The ghastly spirit of privatization”.

Basia informed me in the morning, that Łubicz did not do much in panties, because he found out from his sources, that he wants to buy us, means to privatize, company Truj Ząb. I thought right away, that they will want to convert us into a dental clinic. But Basia explained to me, that they are from some Neptek, who goes everywhere with the trident. Then I got scared, that it must be some mafia, because someone else is carrying a gun? And the head physician would otherwise not have argued so much…

But I was too far off topic. Because it was about that, that this whole Trident sent us spies, who were to examine our hospital. That is why Łubicz ordered the action "please, thank you", which is a common courtesy for patients. It's not a first for us, because more than once we expected an unannounced inspection and we had to stay a bit nice.

No, but everything has its limits and Kidler didn't last long. The guy is getting old, dawniej potrafił nawet być przez trzy dni grzeczny a teraz już po pierwszym nie wytrzymał. His cell phone killed him, which someone supposedly whistled. The sknera has already seen with the eyes of his soul what the bill will pay him, how thieves call the sexline. And he could not block, because he forgot all passwords, pins and stuff. No wonder, he drinks it too much and forgets. Sometimes he does, that she would even go to the first hospital for work, that passes on the way from home.

That's why he ran around the ward like a madman and called himself from Shakes' cell phone, in hope, that he will hear a familiar beep. But the phone was nowhere to be found, and Kidler looked worse and worse. Only after we discovered these spies, the boy breathed a little. You know, even if the bill is high, it will be possible to make a refund from patients.