Far from the nose – A famous Polish doctor

Far from the nose – “A famous Polish doctor”.

Yesterday I found out one news shrouded in absolute mystery. A special commission was to arrive at the hospital, to choose the Famous Polish Doctor. They were supposed to take a photo of him, and then put up on posters all over Europe. And it was already beginning to smell like a lot of money.

Nothing unusual, that Kidler was the first to apply for the job. He did an interview with the nurses, what a real doctor should look like. Then he grew a goatee and a thin mustache, he put on wired glasses and immediately looked like that doctor Judas from "Weightlifter". He hoped that, the committee will catch it. But fierce competition has grown up for him, because the Shock was on the Angel with blonde curls. Even Łubicz put on a stethoscope, although it is known, that he is not a doctor, only an ordinary ordinator, which in life has not helped any sick person.

But I thought, that how can he, so my Czesio is also suitable, although temporarily relegated to an orderly. I lied a little to the Chief Consultant, that the Czech's outfit broke while repairing the toilet and therefore I had to issue a replacement. I have not added anymore, that this placeholder, to kitel lekarski.

The commission has arrived. The famous Polish nurse from posters was there, was the Famous Polish Plumber, which was also hung all over Europe. Łubicz organized a terrible nativity scene, that he's such a superdoctor, who heals everyone, but Nowak forgot himself and the matter went away. The shock struck Kidler, a Czesio nie mógł się do Wysokiej Komisji dopchać. Na dodatek Słynny Polski Hydraulik chciał naprawić ten nasz cieknący wucecik i mieliśmy mały podtop, therefore the commission had to evacuate.

In fact, that's even good. Only good doctors should be on the posters, a tray from Wooded Mountain or Sharp Duty, not those sluts from ordinary hospitals.