Far from the nose – Hotel under the drip

Far from the nose – “Hotel under the drip”.

But it did! The head of the office read an article in the newspaper, that we lack two thousand hotel beds. He understood immediately, that it could be a golden deal, and he decided, that we're turning a hospital into a hotel. It was only necessary to get rid of the patients. We dealt with it once twice. We have made quite a profit yet, because patients had to pay a deposit for the equipment, we lent them home. We have only one Nowak left in stock, because we got a little closer to him and it was a pity to throw him away. Therefore, the Head of the Principal explained to him, that now, as part of the new therapy, he will play in a show of a hotel bell.

We put advertisements in the newspapers, but the first guests arrived, before they came out. Mr. and Mrs. Rudowski. He's not that much, but she's a lovely cupcake, until the doctors came out. They immediately started to figure out, how to get rid of this Rudowski. Kidler came up with, to take him "for champagne". He had vodka and orangeade, on top of that, he added a few diarrhea pills and the guy was ready. Wait a moment and he landed on the ward one floor below. And the top doctors started smacking about this Rudowska.

I guess it didn't work out very well. Because in the morning it turned out, that this Rudowska, this is not Rudowska at all, only Przypióra and is the inspector of the National Hotel Association. Not even from the hotel, because in connection with the conditions of stay, they will not give us a permit.

Lubicz says, it's bad luck, as if we had already entered these industries, he would know in advance about any check. Thus, it is profitable thread, and we need to call the patients, that they would go back to the hospital with their equipment. I'm even happy about it, because in such an elegant hotel I would not be able to find myself(although some say "find", because you can too). I only feel sorry for Nowak, because he looked good in a boy costume. Well, but how many years have paraded only in hospital pajamas, it's no wonder.