Far from the nose – Mr. Wigoń's bank

Far from the nose – “Mr. Wigoń's bank”

A few days ago, I overheard a conversation between two patients. One was telling the other a secret, that they will soon turn our hospital into a bank. I immediately ran to Basia and warned her, that if I tell her something, it will fall over. I tell her and she's cool and she's lying. Incomprehensible, that it was just such a metaphor and I was thinking, that she will sit down with the impression.

How she came to herself, it started to think, what to do here, to somehow find myself in this new one, banking reality. And she remembered, that Shock her, even during his marriage he insulted, that she is like a banker, because he will count every penny. Therefore, she flew to him for a suitable conference (although some say "reference", because you can too). She counted, that thanks to this, she would get a job as a cashier at this bank.

Za to Kidler, as he found out about this bank, he immediately decided, that she would go to private health care. Look for a rich man there, healthy patient, so as not to rush with it and earn your money. He never was working, but it's always cute!

However, I must admit, that Czesław positively surprised me. Basically, he never had the head for a combination, and this time he had come up with something. Well, he decided to hide in the hospital just before they started renovating it and turning it into a bank. As it will be more of a bank than a hospital, then it will come out, he will throw a bar on his head and get a high compensation. And how good it is, maybe he won't have to do anything for the rest of his life.

Actually, we were all happy about this change, because new ones were opening up for us, broad prospects. Even a team has already come to do the renovation. But then it turned out, that we will still be a hospital and only paint us a little, that we don't look so poor.

And I am asking, how to believe patients?! Not enough, that they mislead us and that they do us unnecessary hope, then they go to the newspapers and complain, that they had some pincers left in their stomach during the operation, or we cut out their kidney. Now you can see for yourself, that's nonsense, because like a sick man, it talks nonsense. This is how it is.