Far from the nose – “Suicide of an attendant Pool

Far from the nose – “Suicide of an attendant Pool”.

You have to watch out for the peasant and you mustn't let him out of your sight for even five minutes. Therefore, I almost fell dead, when I opened the envelope yesterday, what she ran to me, and it was written there: "The Department of the Ministry of Health directs the Senior Registered Nurse Ob. Eugenia's swimming pool on a 2-month training course from May 5 ". Yeah, I think to myself. Now it's over. The child will starve to me, and Czesław will be completely drunk and drown on his fish.

Basia started to console me, that it's supposed to be a month in Sopot and another month in Zakopane, then I will at least have a bit of a break and have fun. Just how much you have to spend on it, I `m asking! The course is free, but I have to dress somehow, put something on your feet, buy some cosmetics. If nothing else, I'll go with the bag, or even two, because one is over the sea and the other is in the mountains.

But nothing, I think to myself, they sent, you have to go. Only the worst for me on such a course will start examining. I haven't been to schools for a long time, I even prefer not to go to Wojtus' parenting school, because it's just a pain. Basia quickly trained me in the "mouth-to-mouth" method, let me get some basics. But then Lubicz flew in and apparently wanted to check, have I already mastered it. I showed understanding, because in the end I will represent the hospital, for which he speaks.

I just decided to quickly jump for mints from the kiosk, so that there would be no shame. I'm coming back, and there Czesław hangs outside the window, She can barely hold on to the windowsill and yells "Help!!!!”. Kidler is standing next to him, and he won't even budge, to help him. Instead, he screams at me, they just made a bet, which will last longer in such a position. Immediately, such desktops caught me, that I could barely catch my breath. I shouted at Czesław, to get me back immediately. In one second, he pulled himself up.

All right, that although he is obeyed, but you cannot take your eyes off him for a moment…