Far from the nose – Wool business

Far from the nose – “Wool business”

People have no conscience, how they deceive others. A już szczególnie bezwstydni to są pacjenci. Taki jeden z dziewiątki, Czesław shortened his duodenum to six, works in opera, as a ticket controller. And he got us two tickets. We thought, that it's free, we come and ask at the checkout, if there are two tickets for the name of Basen. One of the cash registers, he says, that are, but you have to pay! The queue is behind us- shame!

But that's not all. We paid sixty zlotys for tickets. We go in, and there, like a bull, is written on the poster: "Threepenny Opera"! So they cut us to almost one hundred and twenty zlotys, without six cents. That's why I decided to save money and knit Wojtuś himself a wool scarf. By the way, I thought, that I will get rested by such a mechanical activity.

Łubicz saw it, but he didn't get upset at all, that instead of working, I knit it. He just said, that's a good idea. The next day, half the hospital was knitting and producing scarves. Their head physician came up with such a therapy. And very well, let them be at least useful for what. We are also supposed to sell these scarves for a large profit. I just don't know, will they go now, because it's the middle of summer.

But for me this knitting did little to get on my nerves, because my Wojtuś called and said, that I will become a grandmother. I almost fell off the handset. But I'm asking the kid how this misfortune happened. And Wojtuś tells me, it was fun. Normal thing, actually. It always starts with having fun. Before Wojtuś was born, we also played doctor with Czesław. He took out his debts, shiny stethoscope i…

But I was too far off topic. So I ask Wojtek what he did to her in this game, that there would be no worse of it. And he said to me, that he pulled her braid. A stone almost fell from my kidneys (although some say "from the heart", although it probably makes no sense, because you know, the stones are on the kidneys, więc niby dlaczego mają z serca spadać). But Basia raised my doubts, that it is hardly known, where he pulled her by the braid…