Far from the nose – “A sensation chases a tragedy

Far from the nose – “A sensation chases a tragedy”

How did I find this card, it almost freaked me out. I wake up in the morning, Czesław is not here, only she is on the table. Means, that card. And it's written on it: "Sweetheart…"He's the cheeky type!… "Unfortunately, I am leaving because I cannot do otherwise. My feeling for you has burned out to the ground. " To the fullest? How does he even know such words?? „Nie zapomnę cię gdyż masz w moich myślach stałe miejsce. Yours forever Czesław ".

I looked at the calendar just in case, Is it like April Fools' Day did not fall out. But from where, no spring there, high summer, and this bastard Czesław broke off to some kind of excuse. Basiunia wanted to cheer me up at the beginning and says, that he probably only drank himself to death. But fortunately, I knew, that I have nothing to count, because how would it be, such a miracle would have happened a long time ago. And he only drank this water and looked better and better.

Totally different from Kidler, who loses face with each glass. At least he throws his brain like Czesław. Recently it seemed to him, that he saw his daughter, because it's the skin torn off his former fiancée. He argued terribly, because he thought, that he would have to pay for alimony in twenty years behind. And when this daughter showed up in our uniform, his legs buckled under him.

And what turned out? That this policewoman is really looking for my father, Only this one of hers was so much more dancing. So it's definitely not Kidler, because he only throws girami on all sides when drunk, until the mirrors are beating in the premises and then he has to borrow money….

As soon as I wrote the previous sentence, I had to stop it, because I have poured all my tears. It reminded me of Czesław, who recently borrowed from everyone at the hospital. A sign of it, rogue, he had been planning his blue distance for a long time with prediction!!!!