Circle, although today it is the most obvious and very common thing, it is still the most important invention of mankind. Thanks to him many activities, especially transportation, have become easier and faster. It was invented most probably in the fourth millennium BC in Mesopotamia. In Europe, it appeared eight hundred years later in the territory of modern Slovenia

Circle in geometry.

The wheel is not only a technical invention, but also one of the basic geometric figures. You define a circle as the set of all points on the plane, whose distance from a fixed point on that plane (the center of the circle) does not exceed a certain value (the radius of the circle). It is very similar to a circle, With this difference, that all points on the plane of the circle coincide with its radius.

Circle as a symbol.

Circle, both in culture, as well as in literature, it can have many symbols. Jednym z jego podstawowych znaczeń jest Bóg. The wheel is sometimes referred to, that he is a perfect figure. Hence its divine symbolism. The wheel is also a symbol of life and eternity, as well as cyclicality. The circle can also symbolize the cosmic order and the celestial bodies. Above all, it is also a symbol of the sun, especially in Far Eastern cultures. To this day, the flag of Japan has a red circle symbolizing the setting sun.